Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well after another two weeks at Glover's Reef, I am in a mad dash to finish the manatee. I have eight days off and a million little details. Fortunately I had the help of two of my colleagues, Andy and Jaime.

Here is the next phase of the manatee. Both Mast steps are cemented in with resin and bolted to the hull. The interior is painted with epoxy paint (dark grey was the only colour available). The PVC post is to provide a continuous tube in which the mast sits, and will be trimmed flush with the deck.

Beside the Manatee is one half of the new outrigger, made of styrofoam, and the original wooden outrigger. The new outrigger will be much lighter and more bouyant.

Below is a picture of the outrigger under construction.

I couldn't afford enough foam to make the whole thing out of solid foam so i am making it hollow.
The backbone is a 12 ft. long section of 1x12 lightweight wood, planed down to about 1/2 inch thickness. The foam is Dow polystyrene. The pieces were cut with a dozuki saw and glued with wood glue. The wood glue was a bad choice, as it never really dries between the impervious layers of foam.

It is easy to shape with a long piece of 50-grit sandpaper, which neither clogs nor wears out on the soft foam. Once shaped, a finer sandpaper can be used before sealing. This is Andy (looking remarkably like Sideshow Bob) working for free.

Well that's all for now. Soon it will be all finished except the new outrigger and the decking and hatches. But I am running out of cash, and the sea beckons once again. Cheers all.

Island Jack